Good News Regarding the Pfizer Vaccine.

The medicines regulatory agency MHRA has recently approved extended time for the use of the Pfizer vaccination. The Pfizer vaccine must be kept at very low temperatures until it is thawed in preparation for use, and, until now, the length of time it

could be kept at normal fridge temperatures after preparation for use was very short (5 days) risking loss and wastage of doses. MRHA have accepted studies showing that the thawed vaccine kept at normal fridge temperatures can be used safely for up to 31 days after thawing, reducing the risk of lost doses. 

Other studies have shown that both the Pfizer and the AstraZenica vaccines are effective against the most recently detected variant, the so called Indian variant of the COVID-19 virus. Scientists urge caution and greater care in areas where this variant is known to be present as it appears to be more easily spread. However, vaccination progression is well on track to meet the set targets, and people in their 30s as well as anyone with a serious underlying health condition who have not yet been vaccinated are invited to come forward. Anyone with such a condition should have been notified already, but if you are unsure about who is included click here or contact your GP practice or Specialist team.    

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