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Grant Application Guidance Notes

These notes are designed to assist with completing our Research Grant Application Form, available on request from Abigail Wiltshire. Please also contact Abi if you have further questions about the application process.

Project Details

The project title should not exceed 20 words and must clearly reflect the primary aim of the study. If you use an acronym, please include it in the Title section.

The proposed start date should allow for the completion of all necessary governance and permissions, for recruiting participants, collecting pathological samples or other human materials and images, etc.

Provide the total sum requested in Section 3 Finance.

SECTION 1: Details of Applicants

1.1 Lead Applicant Details

The Lead Applicant must have an established post within an appropriate academic and/or clinical establishment. He/she will oversee delivery of the project and the supervision of any junior staff/students (or other) employed on the project.

Main Point of Contact. This may be the Lead Applicant in which case enter “As above”. If you appoint a project administrator or co-applicant as the main contact person, please give their details including email and phone number(s).

1.2 Co-applicant Details

Briefly describe each person’s role in the study.

1.3 Collaborators

Please supply names of collaborators (if any).

SECTION 2: Your Proposed Study

2.1. Study Background

  1. Briefly describe the background to your study. (max 500 words)
  2. Briefly outline any literature searches you have carried out that are relevant to this study. (max 500 words)
  3. Please indicate any similar or competing work you are aware of and how your proposed study fits within this. (max 300 words)

2.2 Scientific Summary

  1. Describe your study, giving time frames and key aims and objectives. Please indicate any statistical advice, research design support or research governance advice you have sought in planning the study. If applicable, add information about study participants and recruitment, including criteria for inclusion and exclusion. Detail your plan of investigation, including research method(s). Indicate how you will disseminate the outcomes of the study. (max 2000 words)
  2. Indicate what risks might be anticipated affecting the timely completion of this study and what measures have been taken to mitigate potential risk(s). (max 300 words)

2.3 Relevance and Potential Impact for the MS Community

Explain how your project might influence support, treatment or a broader understanding of MS and the needs of those affected. State its potential impact on patient care or the understanding of MS. (max 500 words)

2.4 Lay Summary

Outline your project and its aims in plain English. If your application is successful, we will use this summary in communications about the work we fund and may ask for clarification or further details. We will not publish any information that may be clinically, academically or commercially sensitive. (max 500 words)

2.5 Public and Patient Involvement (PPI)

Provide details of any PPI consultations in setting your research question/designing your research project. Indicate clearly how you will involve patients, carers and the public in your study (if applicable).  (max 300 words)

2.6 References

List all references quoted in your application.

SECTION 3: Finance

Please provide accurate, detailed financial information, including a breakdown of ALL costs the study will incur. It will not be possible to request additional funds after funding is agreed. Principal items must be costed separately; requests for unspecified items will not be accepted. Include VAT if payable.

3.1 Financial Breakdown of Support Requested

Staff salaries and employer contributions to be confirmed with the relevant institution finance department.

Participant travel and subsistence. Funding can be applied for when study participants have been required to attend a different institution or extra to usual NHS appointments as part of the study. Staff travel is not covered unless specifically stated and agreed.

Itemise all costs in the relevant row, listing those not in any of these categories, including costs for patient, public and carer involvement (PPI), under “Other”.  Equipment items should include warranty, maintenance and indemnity costs and consumables.

3.2 Justification of Costs

Please justify all costs, including for staff time and contribution, travel and expenses, equipment and resources. Make reference to existing resources, equipment and expertise that may already be available in connection to the project.

3.3 Additional Funding

State whether you are actively seeking financial support for this project from other sources and provide details. If you obtain alternative funding before we have processed your application, you must withdraw this funding request.

SECTION 4: Other Considerations

4.1. Intellectual Property & 4.2 MHRA Approval

Please seek advice from your relevant R&D department if required.

4.3 Project Schedule & Milestones

Submit a separate study Gantt chart with your application form, detailing the projected timescales and milestones for your project.  This should include proposed start and end dates for the different stages of the project.

4.4 Related studies

Include any competing work that you are aware of that might conflict with this study (e.g. by competing for study subjects, essential equipment or other resources). (max 300 words)

SECTION 5: Further Information

Complete if applicable. (max 300 words)

SECTION 6: Declarations

Lead Applicant: Sign your agreement, on behalf of all co-applicants, to MS Research Treatment & Education Grant Conditions.

Head of Department: Sign your agreement for the research to take place within the organisation where you are employed.  This signature confirms that you will ensure that procedures are in place to manage and monitor the research in line with research governance.

Finance Director (or other administrative authority): Sign your agreement to confirm that you bear responsibility for monitoring the finances of the award and ensuring funds are used as set out in this application.

SECTION 7: Curriculum Vitae

Please provide your qualifications, current role and experience as well as post-registration courses. Provide up to six of your most relevant publications, including conference presentations where relevant.

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