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Coming Out of Lockdown

17 May 2021

We will all be pleased to be able to relax and enjoy many of the things we have missed -but- it does not mean that the risks of becoming ill with the COVID-19 virus has completely gone. Younger members of the population may be less at risk of serious illness, but they can still carry and pass on the infection. Politicians and health specialists are stressing the importance of proceeding with caution and more emphasis is placed on looking at individual family circumstances and remaining careful, especially where vulnerable people are involved.


If you have had two doses of one of the COVID-19 vaccines the risk of falling ill with the viral infection is as low as it can be at this time, but many questions remain as to how safe we are individually. It is wise to remain vigilant, to avoid large crowds, especially indoors, and to keep using basic measures such as hand washing, use of hand sanitisers and, where specified, wearing a suitable face covering. Social distancing is also advised.


The government has instigated trials of both indoor and outdoor events in marques, the O2 arena and at various sporting events where usual rules on distancing and other measures have been relaxed. Results of these trials will offer information on how safe such events might be, but it will be some time before the data obtained from these events becomes available.


In England and Wales we can now eat at indoor venues, go to the cinema or theatre, and attend gyms and sports centres although social distancing will still be operating, and the use of PPE and thorough cleaning programmes must remain in place. Rules in Scotland and Northern Ireland are different, and should be checked before you visit.


Enjoy the new opportunities with care and take nothing for granted we suggest!

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