MS Disease Modifying Drugs information

General advice to help you look after yourself if you are taking an MS DMD is posted under each drug below

The current advice for people taking MS Disease Modifying Drugs (DMDs) during the COVID-19 ( coronavirus) high risk period  is:    .    

Do not stop taking your medication. If you have MS-related concerns, contact to your MS team. For other health concerns contact NHS 111 or use the 111 website (link).

If you have a review appointment coming up and have a cough, a high temperature or shortness of breath do not go into the hospital but contact your MS team for advice. Note that a high temperature may have an impact on your MS symptoms whatever its cause. This is unlikely to be a relapse but take note of any changes experienced so you can discuss them by phone.


Association of British Neurologists advice for people with MS who are taking MS disease modifying drugs.


i           Interferon 1a, Interferon 1b, Copaxone, Teriflunomide, Dimethyl Fumarate or Natalizumab.

Keep taking these drugs and bear in mind that stopping some of them suddenly without advice may cause an MS flair-up.

ii          Fingolimod.

Be aware that this drug may moderately increase the risk of viral  infections so make sure you take all the recommended precautions. It is a very effective drug for MS and stopping it without full medical supervision may result in an MS flare-up. This could cause more long- term problems.                        

Iii         Ocrelizumab

This drug is given as infusions with long term action. It moderately increases the risk of viral infection. It’s effect on MS is greater than Fingolimod but proper timing of doses is vital. Your MS team will take this into account while COVID-19 is a high threat.


iv         Cladribine or Alemtuzumab

If you have had two rounds of treatment with either of these drugs your risk of viral infections is slightly increased, but you will not normally need any further treatment. However, if signs of new MS activity confirmed by scans you should be reviewed, and your MS team will discuss the options with you.           

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