TOPS TEAM WINS NEWLY CREATED AWARD for 'Real World Evidence of effective development of MS Services'

Real World Evidence for improving services in MS is a newly created category within the QuDos framework seeking to advance the delivery of services based on successful research programmes delivered in real-world settings.

TOPS MS stands for Therapeutic Opportunities in MS and the TOPS Team is a collaboration between clinical and research MS specialists, exercise scientists, Orthotists and other professionals in Bristol. TOPS clinical and research therapists deliver specialist services to assist mobility, balance and fatigue with the aim of maintaining function, fitness and wellbeing for people with MS. Funded in part by MS Research the team combines research and clinical experience to offer an integrated services based on a range of therapeutic opportunities according to need for individuals who have MS at community and NHS locations, promoting long-term symptom self-management.

The team employs pre and post-treatment assessments based on valid MS measures to provide outcome data for individual patients and for group services, enabling the fine-tuning of services and continued improvements in treatment. Information generated by the evaluation of TOPS services will help to ensure the best experiences for patients and support continued development of new service guidelines. As far as we are aware this approach is unique. Heartiest congratulations to Tania Burge (MS Specialist Physiotherapist) Angela Davies-Smith (MS Specialist Research physiotherapist) and Olivia Powell (Clinical Assistant, Exercise Science graduate).

(Pictured above left to right: Olivia Powell, Tania Burge and Angela Davies-Smith)

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