Why be a Charity Trustee

Our trustees are an integral part of MS Research. They all have personal experience of MS and they very kindly share with us their time, experience and skills in order to steer the charity in the right direction ensuring that we are able to achieve our aims of furthering our understanding of MS, developing better treatments and working towards finding an eventual cure.

We asked four members of our board for their thoughts on why they think being a Trustee for MS Research is important:

Ben Clacy, Trustee and Company Secretary
“I think it is important for me to be a trustee of MS Research as I’ve seen through working with MS Research and through having a mother with primary progressive MS the impact the condition has on those who have, and their family and I’d like to help prevent it in the future.

As to why specifically a trustee, I think it is the best way to have a consistent long term impact on a charity and hopefully uses some of my (limited!) skills for good.”

John Robb, Trustee
“For me, being a charity trustee has a special importance just now. It blends long term personal experiences of MS with some inkling of the new technologies waiting in the wings which will surely alleviate symptoms and improve the experiences of people with MS worldwide. However, new uncertainties have recently arisen over the future of crucial research funding in the UK.

We are so grateful for those heartfelt donations and legacies; that they should count to the max in the battle with a disability never mattered more in my view.”

Ollie Pagington, Trustee
“I had worked with MS Research as a volunteer fundraiser for many years. MS has a personal meaning to me as my Husband was diagnosed with MS in 1997. Like everyone with a connection with MS we all hope a cure will be found in the not too distant future, so when I was asked to become a Trustee for MS Research I was delighted.

I am lucky to work alongside a great team of people dedicated to research in MS. Being a Trustee is important to me. The role is varied and as Trustees we are there to support those working tirelessly behind the scenes in MS Research.

It is important we continue forward with research into MS and we need to let more and more people know that work is being carried out not only to find a cure but to make life more bearable for those living with MS.”

Bob Gore, Trustee
“Being a trustee of MS Research is important as it’s a great opportunity for mutual benefit. It gives the charity the benefits of a trustee’s knowledge, skills, perspective and experience, but also allows the trustee to learn, contribute and develop some new skills as well.

Also it’s especially personally important when you have a close connection to the cause as I have. It gives you a real opportunity to do something very worthwhile with hopefully some lasting impact for others.”

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