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Mental Health and MS During Extraordinary Times


Given the complexity of MS and the symptoms it causes it is no wonder that anxiety and depression are common features of the MS experience. However, in my many years of working with MS I can honestly say that I am forever in awe of the spirit and strength we see in so many of those coping with the day by day battering that is MS.

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Research Update

The impact of the Covid pandemic on research into MS

 Most charities will have seen their income fall during the Covid 19 pandemic. Income for MS Research has fallen by nearly 50%. Never the less, some very generous gifts and donations have enabled us to re-invigorate our work and to begin to fund new projects. 

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Getting Research Back on Track

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc with scientific and medical research and most organisations supporting research are re-examining their position, especially in areas such as fundraising and short and long-term planning.

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