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Disease Modifying Drugs (DMDs)

Over the last 20 years the introduction of new drugs to help modify the course of MS has been the most outstanding feature of on-going research and treatment. Access to the List of MS drugs will help you navigate this ever-changing area of information. Please remember that new drugs may be introduced regularly so look out for updates!

To date most DMDs have focused on reducing the number and/or severity of relapses in the early relapse remitting phase of MS (RRMS). Only very recently have drugs that have an impact on progressive MS been tested and are becoming available for wider use. This is a very welcome development but please be aware that all drugs powerful enough to help modify the course of MS will have some side effects and a level of risk attached to their use. When being prescribed any of these drugs it is most important to comply with all advice given by MS teams, attend all appointments for blood tests and medication reviews and take note of any unusual events whether they seem linked to medication or not. 

In September 2018 NHS England issued statements on best practice for the many DMDs now available. Be aware that these statements apply particularly to treatment in the NHS In England but are built on the evaluation of research and post research findings and best practice nationally and internationally. The advice is also likely to change over to time. Your MS medical team will have access to all such advice and will be able to advise you of any changes that might affect your treatment. 

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