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press release template

Date – (insert date here)

Press release

Event title here – (hike, marathon, bake sale etc) fundraiser for MS Research. This should summarise what you are doing in a few words. For example, Two Bobs take on charity walk for MS Research.

Write in third person - A (insert name/village name) (man/woman/group) is hoping to raise funds for MS Research by (running/trekking/cycling etc)

Be honest and explain why you have chosen to raise funds for MS Research - (Your name) says they are raising money for the Bristol based charity because (memory of someone/because you know someone with MS)

Include the vital information - The event will take place on (date of event, location and time) and (your name) says they hope to get plenty of support from the local community.

Include a quote, try to make your message positive - “(A quote here from you about this event and why raising money for MS Research is so important)”

Multiple Sclerosis Research, Treatment and Education (MS Research) is a Bristol based national charity dedicated to furthering our understanding of multiple sclerosis (MS) and developing better treatments through research and education.

MS Research has a “Meeting Point” treatment room at the Vassall Centre in Bristol and continues to raise funds to help people living with MS, as well as investing in research to further understand the condition.

If you would like to find out more about raising money for MS Research then visit


For further information on this event contact
Fundraiser - (Your name)
(email/phone number)


James Cox
MS Research

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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