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lifestyle and ms

Hi, my name is Debbie Pipkin, I was diagnosed with MS in 2007. I experienced many different emotions, disbelief, anger and self-pity. What had I done to deserve this? It took me a few good years to start fighting back.

After a disappointing MS assessment some 3 years later, I knew it was time to do something myself to help my situation and lose some weight. It had been slowly increasing over a number of years. I lost three stone in a year by going to slimming club, it felt great but unfortunately after I hit my target weight and left the club my weight started climbing again.

My daughter knew exactly what to say, she said those dreaded words, “mother go to the gym” and thank god for it. I currently go twice a week and have a brilliant Personal Trainer named Simon whose expertise, professionalism and understanding of MS, makes my sessions so rewarding. Making the effort to go to the gym I have notice a huge improvement in my strength and stamina, gone are the days of getting home from work and falling asleep on the sofa.

Doing regular exercise has improved my life. I feel mentally and physically stronger, which in turn helps me cope with the ever-changing day-to-day symptoms of MS.

Why not give the gym a try or do some other forms of exercise like swimming? You will soon feel the benefits of it. I may not always be smiling when I go into the gym, but I always have a satisfied grin on the way out. I did it again!

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