To Make a Regular Monthly Donation

This link takes you to the Just Giving website where you can chose to donate any amount, just select “make a monthly donation” on the top right hand side of the page, your donation is much appreciated and will help us in “looking forward to seeing the back of MS”.

Just Giving

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a flexible scheme which allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly and on a tax free basis to the charities and good causes of their choice.

Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax so each £1.00 you give will only cost you 80p, and if you’re a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you 60p or:

A £10 donation to us only costs you:

£8 at basic rate tax (20%)
£6 at higher rate tax (40%)
£5.50 at the 45% rate

Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn or workplace giving) is a valuable, long term source of revenue, providing regular income to help charities budget and plan ahead more effectively. Employees can choose to support any charity of their choice with a regular donation direct from their pay.

Its cheaper because its tax free – for example, a donation of £5 per month costs the basic rate tax payer £4.00 (the taxman pays the rest!)

Higher rate taxpayers- the only way to pass on your 40% or 45% tax to charities. Only 28% can be recouped via other ways of giving.

To set up a donation just click here and submit your form direct to Giving Online who will process your request and inform your payroll department.

Don’t forget Gift Aid

Gift Aid increases the value of your donations and means charities can benefit even more at no extra cost to you.

If you’re a UK taxpayer and earn over the current £10,000 per annum threshold you can add Gift Aid whenever you make a donation and MS Research can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift amounting to an extra 25p for every £1 you give.

Higher rate tax payers can claim additional tax benefits for donations they make to charity, which you can keep or pass on to any charitable organisation. Simply indicate how much you have donated when completing your tax self-assessment form.

Download and print your Gift Aid form here or contact us and we will be happy to send one to you:

Gift Aid form for multiple donation

Need to know more?

If your company is not registered for a payroll giving scheme or they require more information about setting up payroll giving, please see the the HM Revenue and Customs website .

We’re also very happy to help, so please call us on 0117 958 6986 or contact us by email at info