Introducing our new MS continence advisor at MS Research

MS Research welcomes Carole Copestake who has taken on a new post of Nurse Advisor for Continence in MS.

Carole has been designing and implementing our new Bladder and Bowel course (BBc) a short series of group education events for people with MS who are experiencing continence problems that we will be launching shortly.

Carole has worked in Neurology since 1997, working as an MS research nurse on several clinical trials. She was then appointed the first MS Specialist nurse in Bristol in December 2000 and remained in the role until earlier this year.

Describing her experience during her 17 years in that role she says, “it became evident at the very beginning of my work as an MS nurse, that bladder and bowel symptoms were very common in individuals with MS and can sometimes have a devastating affect on their quality of life”.

Alongside her role at MS Research Carole continues to work with MS patients in the capacity of a continence advisor.

BBc is intended to supplement the current care delivered by the NHS and to provide people who have MS and wish to participate with the knowledge, understanding and resources to help them cope with continence related problems. Those attending will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and views and to offer feedback which will further our understanding of the problems faced by those who have MS. Their experiences will be used to guide service improvements and future research in line with our policy of “we listen, we learn, we act”.

Should you wish to attend the course or have any questions please do get in touch. You can call us on 0117 9586986 or email

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