Help & Advice

Living with Multiple Sclerosis presents many challenges and can have a devastating effect on you and your loved ones, especially when first diagnosed. Diagnosis, however, does not mean the end, many organisations offer expert advice and can get you help with emotional support, practical and financial help along with support for carers, family members and healthcare professionals. The following links may be helpful:

National Societies

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centre & Therapy Centres Scotland
Revive MS Support
Multiple Sclerosis Trust
The UK MS Register

Online Support Groups
MS People UK

Specialist MS Support Groups

Mutual Support Armed Forces support group

Rishon Multiple Sclerosis Aid Group: Support for Jewish people affected by MS
020 8950 9212 email

The Shane Project: African, Caribbean and ethnic minorities support group
020 8884 6330 email

Asian MS: Support group for Asian people affected by MS.
020 8438 0856, email

GLAMS: Gay and Lesbian support group
0808 800 8000, email

MS Research Treatment & Education Governance and Disclaimers

Governance Policies