Healthy Control* Group wanted for Cognitive Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis Study

The University of Bristol, CRIC (Clinical Research and Imaging Centre) and MS Research are conducting research into fatigue – one of the most common symptoms of MS. We are looking for women aged between 45 and 70 without MS to assist in this particular study which aims to design a reliable way of measuring fatigue and to understand the relationship between fatigue and attention for patients with MS.

Volunteers will be required to make one visit which will involve 20 minutes of cognitive testing before and after a 60 minute long MRI scan (up to two and-a-half hours in total). During the visit, we will be looking at the brain’s response to a fatiguing task. The task requires maintaining attention while squeezing an isometric handgrip inside the MRI scanner.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

For more information and to sign up for the study, please contact Please use the reference ‘fatigue neuroimaging study’ in the subject heading.

*Healthy Control definition – In a clinical study, a person who does not have the disorder or disease being studied. Results from healthy controls are compared to results from the group being studied.

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