Equalities and Human Rights Commission - Study of disabled people’s housing experiences

The Universities of Stirling, West of England and Cardiff have been commissioned by the EHRC to find people based in Bristol, Cardiff and central Scotland (also including the city regions i.e. suburban and more rural areas).

To participate in an interview survey that will inform an inquiry into housing for disabled people later this year. They want to find out what life is like for disabled people trying to fulfill their right to independent living in England, Scotland and Wales.

The focus will be on people with physical and sensory disabilities, but it can involve other groups, such as those with learning disabilities. They aim to include people of all ages: families with disabled children, younger people, people of working age and people in later life.

A range of issues will be explored, such as:

• The positive and negative aspects of disabled people’s current homes and housing situations?
• The physical design and location of homes adequate?
• Are disabled people getting the adaptations they need?
• What tangible benefits do accessible, appropriate homes bring to disabled people?
• What is the impact of inadequate or sub-standard housing on disabled people?
• How does it affect day-to-day life and the ability to live independently?
• Does current provision enable those with support needs to live independently?
• What has helped and what has hindered disabled people trying to secure a home which meets their needs?
• How could any barriers that are in their way be removed?
• What are disabled people’s experiences of local housing services and how could these be improved?

The research will follow university ethics guidelines they will ensure the proper ethical treatment of potentially vulnerable groups which will include obtaining people’s full and informed consent to take part in the survey. People’s accounts will be anonymised in the research report and all information will be held in strictest confidence.

Closing date: Tue 18 April 2017.

Please contact the relevant researcher via the contact details below:
• Edinburgh and Cardiff – Dianne Theakstone, d.d.theakstone2@stir.ac.uk
Tel 0792 048 0422
• Bristol: Subitha Baghirathan, Subitha.Baghirathan@uwe.ac.uk
Tel 0778 308 3542 [she works part time so there may be a short delay before she gets back to you]
• If you have any difficulty contacting Dianne or Subitha, please contact the principal investigator, Dr Madhu Satsangi, Madhu.satsangi@stir.ac.uk
Tel 01786 467986.

Should you wish to participate in the EHRC’s research but don’t live in the specified regions you can share your views online by following this link – equalityhumanrights.com/inquiry-housing-disabled-people/housing-disabled-people-have-your-say

If you have any concerns about the conduct of the research, you can contact Professor Isobel Anderson, Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling, Isobel.anderson@stir.ac.uk.

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