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Multiple Sclerosis Research Treatment and Education (MS Research) is a national charity dedicated to furthering our understanding of MS and developing better treatments.

We believe research is vital in order to:

  • find better answers to the problems those who have MS and those close to them face every day
  • maximise vital opportunities to bring us closer to an eventual cure
  • help to overcome the inadequacies and inequalities of treatment
  • further our understanding of MS and its impact.

Through research we are:

“Looking forward to seeing the back of MS!”

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Do you have MS? Do you live in the Bristol area? Do you have MS related fatigue?

Most people who have MS complain of fatigue. In collaboration with the University of Bristol and The CRIC (Clinical Research and Imaging Centre) MS Research is supporting a preliminary study to try and help us understand more about fatigue and MS. If you would like to know more please call 0117 958 6986 or contact info@ms-research.org.uk

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Would you like to attend a 2018 Fatigue Management course delivered by MS Research and free of charge?

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